About Mackenzies Chocolates

A Family Legacy of Good Taste: Mackenzies Chocolates began as a home-based hobby for Thelma Mackenzie. Chocolates were made as special treats for family and friends needing some added sweetness in their lives at wedding celebrations, gift occasions or as business favors. Made with the finest care and commitment to quality, Mackenzies Chocolates are now available to you!

Mackenzies Chocolates are made at Mackenzies' Kandy Kitchen.This family business was started in November 1984 by Colin & Thelma Mackenzie.Their son, lan, now manages the business. Ian's wife, Mary Rose and their two children, Megan and Colin are also involved in the business.The finest ingredients available are used to make a wide selection of enrobed and shell-moulded chocolates. An impressive seasonal selection of chocolatesis are always on display. The making of the chocolates can be viewed from the store through a glass wall. Chocolates are good travelers from October through May. Phone and internet orders are dispatched promptly.

Mackenzies Chocolates
1492 Soquel Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Open Monday–Friday, 9am–5:30pm; Saturday, 9am–4pm; and Sunday, 12pm–5 pm